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• 6/7/2015

1.9 Casual Discussion

Hi. I am making this so we can casually discuss 1.9. :) 

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• 8/1/2015

I was wondering people's opinion about including snapshot information on the wiki? 17:55, August 1, 2015 (UTC)

• 8/2/2015

I think we should currently focus on 1.8, because we have access to 1.8 deobfuscated source code, and we should try to get the information about the current version more complete, before moving on to the next version. However if you want to make a page about snapshot data, it probably wouldn´t hurt, if it´s directly marked as snapshot data.

• 8/5/2015

Ok sounds good. If things change between versions, should be try and keep the outdated information in a separately labled section on pages?

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